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Dear Iron Gorillas,

I think we all know that the physiques of today’s top bodybuilders, models, and athletes were not built by wasting their money on Creatine or any “natural” supplement scams. Like you, my social feed is full of reports of these guys using some serious pharmaceutical enhancement; I know they are fooling some naive kids, but they don’t fool me, and I’m sure they are not fooling you either.

The ripped, muscular guys we see on Instagram have been enhanced chemically. Perfection like this did not happen because of perfect genetics, although it helps. And it sure did not happen because of some worthless supplement. The perfectly lean muscular physiques that have become so common in IG ads were developed with anabolic steroids, human Growth Hormone, SARMS, Peptides, and designer-cutting drugs—plain and simple!

The good news is that now that you know this little secret, with some chemical wizardry, you too can safely and quickly have the perfect, ripped, muscular body of a top athlete, model or bodybuilder.

My name is George Spellwin, and I’m the research director for Elite and the author of this guide to performance-enhancement drugs, steroids, and effective nutriceuticals — Chemical Wizardry. I’ve devoted my entire life to providing athletes like you with the most accurate, unbiased, and effective techniques designed to promote exceptionally rapid muscle growth and fat loss – safely.

My company,, has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and devoted decades of research to compile a database of information on anabolic steroids and other exotic physique development chemicals — information from medical journals, bodybuilder surveys, textbooks, and pharmaceutical reports. I have put all of this knowledge into a series of ebooks you can find on the website you are looking at right now, here you will have access to a whole series of ebooks you can download for free for a limited time.

The Chemical Wizardry guide contains all the latest inside information compiled over my last ten years of research guaranteed to make your body explode with strength and unthinkable new muscle mass. Information is necessary to make an informed decision that you cannot get at the library, from personal trainers, and not even from doctors.

What exactly is Chemical Wizardry?

Chemical Wizardry is an ebook drug database of all the pharmaceuticals and nutriceuticals you can use to build a perfect physique. The guide covers every drug from Arimidex to Zitazonium and all the basic anabolic steroids like Deca Durabolin and Testosterone that athletes have used for years. It also covers all the newer and more exotic designer drugs like Dinitrophenol and PGF2a. Legal nutriceuticals are covered as well.

Where does the information in Chemical Wizardry come from?

The information contained in this ebook comes from medical journals, textbooks and pharmaceutical reports — all the research I have compiled over the last 10 years. More importantly, the information is based on my work with pro-bodybuilders and top models, both male and female, since I began private consultations in 1995. And the information is written so that it is easy to understand and put to practical use

If you ever considered anabolic steroids for medical, therapeutic, or muscular development enhancement then this is the online guide for you. When you download the Chemical Wizardry guide, you will be immediately provided with the latest unbiased information on anabolic steroids, supplements that really work, human growth hormone, and numerous designer cutting drugs. Plus, you’ll learn other techniques used by athletes and top models to gain an elite, muscular body. Techniques like the following:

  • The responsible use of anabolic steroids in order to maximize physique enhancement benefits and minimize health risks and side effects.
  • The safest and most dangerous steroid brands produced in the United States and other countries — those that cut, define, and tone and those that pack on muscle mass. Explaining for each one: the brand name, pharmaceutical name, pharmaceutical price, average street price, countries of origin, the effective dose, and an effectiveness rating based on hundreds of athletes surveyed.
  • How to properly administer anabolics and the various advantages and disadvantages of oral steroids vs. injectable steroids.
  • How to stack & cycle multiple anabolics for short time periods in order to eliminate dangerous side effects and to promote permanent gains in lean muscle tissue.

How to stack & cycle multiple anabolics for short time periods in order to eliminate dangerous side effects and to promote permanent gains in lean muscle tissue.

Additionally, the guide contains hundreds of pictures — all indexed and digitally enhanced for razor sharp clarity — and unlike steroid books, our pictures are in full color! When you download Chemical Wizardry, you will be able to click on the small images like these below and they will link you to the enhanced, full-sized image. Here is a partial look at our index of Deca pictures:















Chemical Wizardry contains all the inside information on all the following popular bulking drugs:
Anadrol, Andriol, Coenzyme B-12, Dianabol, Equipose, Growth Hormone, Levodopa, Lontanyl, Methyandrostenediol, Ralgrow, Zeranol & Revalor, Sten, Sustanon, Synthol, Testosterone retard teramex, Testosterone cypionate, Testosterone enanthate, Testosterone propionate, Testosterone suspension, Testosterone teramex

And all the inside information on all the following popular cutting drugs:
Adiposinium, Aldactazide, Aldactone, Anavar, Clenbuterol, Denistenil, DNP, Dyazide, Ephedrine, Halotestin, Lasix, Masteron, Methyltestosterone, Parabolan, Primobolan, PGF2A, Potassium chloride, Thiomucase, T3, Winstrol

And all the drugs like the following that can be used for both cutting and bulking.
Arimidex, Deca, EPO Erythropoietin, Finaplix-H, Formebolone, GABA Gamma Amino Butyric Acid, GHB, HCG, Proviron, Naproxen, Nolvadex, Trioxsalen
Plus hundreds more!

You will also get access to information on radical ways to use the following supplements and drugs. Ways that can make them transform your physique like magic.
Androderm, 19-Norandrostenediol, 19-Norandrostenedione, 4-Androstenediol, 5-Androstenediol, Chrysin, Creatine, Daidzein, ECA, Flax Seed Oil, Glutamine, Ipriflavone, Lysophosphatidylcholine, Norephedrine, Phosphatidyserine, Primrose Oil, Saw Palmetto, Silymarin, Yohimbine, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Tribulus Terrestris
Take a look at the progress one customer of mine made using the inside information contained in Chemical Wizardry.
1. Here’s how my consultation client Tony Merli looked before using the information in Chemical Wizardry.2. Here’s the progress Tony made using legal supplements alone for only 12 weeks.
3. Here’s the progress Tony made when he decided to go all the way with steroids — this is one year after the first photo

.Anabolic Steroid transformation
Normally, the inside information in Chemical Wizardry is only available to my private consultation clients who pay me hundreds of dollars and hour to work with them one-on-on. Or, this inside information is available to the clients who take my three day seminar “Underground Growth Explosion and Muscular Transformations.” In fact, over the last 12 months, 361 athletes, paid $1,700 each to take my seminar and 177 more signed up for my personalized consultation program. But right now, you can get all the same information that they paid a small fortune to learn, just by downloading in the online guide Chemical Wizardry.

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This free download of Chemical Wizardry is only available until midnight tonight, you’ll also receive the following 11 incredible bonus guides valued at $29 each, all for free and all available online right away. You get all of the following bonus guides:

The bonus guide “How to Make Finaplix.” (A simple way to safely convert a cheap and legal cattle implant into a powerful anabolic steroid.)

The bonus guide “How to Make GHB.” (This is the best recipe for making this powerful growth hormone releasing and recover enhancing agent.)

The bonus guide “IGF-1.” (One of a new class of muscle building growth hormones.)

The bonus guide “Avoiding Counterfeit Steroids.” (Learn the ones that are frequently counterfeited, and how to tell the real ones from the fake!)

The bonus guide “A Complete History of Anabolic Steroids in Bodybuilding.”

The bonus guide “The Four Primary Benefits to Bodybuilders from Anabolic Steroids.” (A basic guide on how they work and how you can safely use them.)

The bonus guide “The Relevant Anabolic Steroid Vocabulary.” (All the basic steroid terminology that you could ever need. Use it to understand anabolics and performance enhancement substances.)

The bonus guide “The Ten Most Common Errors Made with Anabolic Steroids and Performance Enhancement Drugs.” (A very important report if you want to avoid other people’s mistakes!)

The bonus guide “A look at Testosterone Esters.” (All of the different testosterones explained to maximize results and minimize side effects.)

The bonus guide “Injection Information.” (How to safely give yourself a shot — a complete guide with pictures.)

The bonus guide “Optimal Training for Muscle Growth”

One Final Extra!

Last but not least will get access to 21 Steroid Cycles plans and protocols. These are the exact formulas the top models and pro bodybuilders use — optimized to help you rapidly develop perfect muscularity. Here’s the cycles that you get to explore:

The 2×4, The Asian, The Australia, Bodybuilding Contest Stack (No Testing), Bodybuilding Contest Stack (Testing), The European, Female Bodybuilding Contest Stack (Testing), Female Powerlifting Contest Stack (Testing), Growth Hormone & Insulin Stack, Growth Stack, The Mexico, Powerlifting Contest Stack (No Testing), Powerlifting Contest Stack (Testing), Oral Reforvit-B Stack, Size Stack, Strength Stack, The Ultimate I, The Ultimate II, The Ultimate III, and The Virgin.

Each cycle lists all the drug names, the effective dosages, and the theory behind the chosen combinations. You will also learn exactly how to optimize gains and minimize undesirable side effects.

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These cycles go from the relatively simple like this one:

Primobolan Depot

To the more elaborate like this:

1300mg500mg200mg2iu (M,W+Th)50mg/day
2300mg500mg200mg2iu (M,W+Th)50mg/day
3350mg500mg300mg2iu (M,W+Th)50mg/day
4400mg500mg300mg2iu (M,W+Th)50mg/day
5400mg250mg300mg2iu (M,W+Th)50mg/day
6300mg250mg200mg2iu (M,W+Th)50mg/day
7200mg250mg200mg2iu (M,W+Th)100mg/day
8200mg250mg2iu (M,W+Th)
91500iu (M,W+F)100mg/day

And each cycle comes with complete step-by-step instruction in easy to understand language.

If you bought each one of these bonus reports separately, you would pay over $650 for this information — but today and until midnight tonight you get them free along with your Chemical Wizardry report.

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Don’t forget, has been online since 1996. Hell, that makes us older than Google!

Here are some of our recent customer comments about Chemical Wizardry. There are hundreds of testimonials on file, but I would appreciate your reading just these few:

“Damn George! This guide is the best I have ever seen — more here than anywhere else. Also, I like how your keeping it online lets you update it frequently.”
Justin D

Dallas, TX
“Thanks a million for introducing this amazingly informative service! Using the pictures in the database, I was able to determine that an ‘item’ I was planning to purchase was simply sugar pills sold in counterfeit packaging made to resemble something legitimate.”
Mario H.
Brooklyn, NY
“I have used steroids on and off for years. Even so, I learned a great deal that I never knew before and I discovered a safe, legal supplement alternative that helped me gain an additional 20 pounds of rock solid muscle while saving a small fortune by avoiding more of the rip off products I bought for years.”
Robert B.
New York, NY
“I finally discovered all the accurate inside information on the safest anabolic steroids I always wondered about. What’s more, the info. was easy to understand and the price was really low!”
Mark J.
New York, NY
“Mr. Spellwin, I needed to lose weight big time – I was a size 40 in pants and hated the way I looked. I am down to a 32 and am getting more dates than ever.”
Michael G.

San Diego, CA

Now you can safely join the ranks of elite bodybuilders, top models, and world-class athletes. Take immediate advantage of this special offer by downloading Chemical Wizardry today. You are guaranteed to learn everything you need to know about anabolic steroids to burn fat and safely develop a hard, muscular, well-defined physique.

So here’s the recap, if you act by midnight tonight, you will get the Chemical Wizardry guide for free download. Plus, you will get all 18 bonus reports, valued at over $650 for free!

Don’t decide now…

Just give Chemical Wizardry a try. See for yourself that it’s the best guide to anabolic steroids ever written, and use it to transform your physique into rock solid muscular perfection.

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Yours in sport,

George Spellwin
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